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We started as a simple dental practice, but we’ve become the leader in Broken Arrow for health and esthetics from the neck up. You’ll find services here you won’t find anywhere else in Tulsa. We are your center of care for all facial and dental esthetics. 

Respire Facial Esthetics

Do you want to look younger or stay looking young? Respire was formed to ensure that you can. We can create a personalized skin care solution just for you that will ensure the clock won’t roll forward on you any longer.

Services we offer


What is this amazing treatment?

A hydradermabrasion facial that consists of three parts, cleansing, exfoliating, and infusing the skin with special serums made with ingredients to nourish the skin. It gives your skin a radiant glow that is perfect for any special occasion or even just a Friday night! The procedure is soothing, non-invasive, and doesn’t irritate the skin. Rather, it results in smooth, moisturized, glowing skin! HydraFacial not only improves the look of your skin but can also restore your skin health with regular use.

How does it work?

The HydraFacial MD machine is a hand-held device that uses hydro peels and skincare solutions to treat your skin in three steps. The hand-held device features unique, patented spiralizing treatment tips with “vortex technology”.

“Award-Winning Technology”


Botox® Cosmetic is one of the most requested treatments, not only in Tulsa, but the rest of the United States and in more than 70 countries worldwide.

What is Botox Used for?

The drug is injected to weaken the specific muscles around your eyes and forehead. These small muscles are responsible for the frown lines and deep wrinkles that occur over time. The injection temporarily eliminates wrinkles without disturbing normal function.


Dark and saggy tissue below the eye is one of the most complained about areas of the face. Dark and puffy eyes add age to the face more quickly than nearly anything else. But with the Fotona laser, that can be changed! This procedure is a patient favorite, as the results can sometimes be seen right after treatment. But after three treatments the area will improve, appear less puffy, and the color tone normally improves as well.  Nothing rolls back the clock like smoother areas around the eyes. With no downtime or redness no one will even know you treated them! They will just notice the amazing difference it made!

Dark Circles?

You don’t have to suffer from dark and saggy eyelids any longer!

“I feel so much better going out without makeup on! I was always embarrassed by the dark circles and lines under my eyes!”


What is SmoothLase?

Smoothlase is a natural, non-surgical method to de-age your face and give you a more youthful feel and an appearance by using the FDA-approved Fotona Lightwalker laser to stimulate the natural development of collagen in the areas around the mouth and chin.  This activates a healing process that tightens, tones, and lifts sagging skin.  It restores elasticity and smooths light to medium wrinkling while preventing future wrinkles from developing.  You can enjoy beautiful, natural-feeling skin without injectable dermal fillers.


  • Significant lifting and tightening of skin into a more youthful position
  • Results develop subtly & gradually, no radical changes
  • Healthy rejuvenation and creation of new, more elastic collagen on the inside with long-lasting results
  • No downtime, go about your daily routine immediately after treatment
  • Short in-office procedures & no foreign substances
  • No surgical scars, bruising or swelling
  • No pre-treatment preparation
  • No post-treatment requirements
  • No skin redness or sensitivity to the sun


What is Necklase?

By using the power of the Nd:Yag and the Erbium laser together in the floor of the mouth, the tissue begins to tighten and the outcome is a lifting effect on the tissue under the chin.  This is one of the most difficult areas to lift naturally. But in the weeks following each Necklase procedure, you’ll see the sagging tissue begin to tighten up and rise. Many options exist to try and treat this area, such as plastic surgery, but Necklase offers a less invasive and all-natural option to tighten this stubborn area that time tends to age more quickly.

Number of Treatments

We recommend one treatment of Smoothlase and Necklase for every decade of life.

Did you know?

Skin becomes thinner and looser over time because our body produces less collagen every year and the collagen we do retain becomes more elastic. Laser therapy can address both of those concerns.

Healthy skin. Healthy glow. 

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What is LipLase?

LipLase™ enhances lips to give a fuller, more natural appearance through the use of laser energy. This is done through the process of collagen regeneration. This is a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment that is done from inside the mouth as well as the outer lip area. There are no injections needed, no foreign materials are used, and the patient can return to their everyday activities immediately after treatment with little to no side effects. LipLase™ rejuvenates, fills, and plumps lips as well as defines shape.

Fuller, Tighter, Smoother Lips and 100% you. No downtime. No bruising. No needles.

Brianne Smith, PA-C

About me

Brianne Smith, PA-C grew up in the smaller town of Verdigris, Oklahoma. She graduated from Claremore High school as a Valedictorian of her class. Brianne attended Roger’s State University in Claremore, Oklahoma, and graduated with a Bachelors’s degree in Molecular Biology in 2006. After completing her undergraduate education she desired to gain more hands-on medical education and patient interaction.  Having three years of hands-on experience then helped her gain entrance into the University of Oklahoma Physician’s Assistant program in 2010.  Brianne graduated from the Physician’s Assistant program in November 2012 and begin working again with Dr. Christian-Reed in 2013 with a focused practice in general dermatology. Mrs. Smith also enjoys the cosmetic side of the practice where she can perform Botox injections, hyaluronic acid filler injections, lasers, Intense Pulse Light therapy treatments, or even discussions about overall skincare and topical anti-aging products.

 Respire Facial Esthetics

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