Facial Growth & Development

Facial Beauty

Research found years ago that facial beauty is definable. We all tend to like faces that have certain ratios and specific proportions. Surprisingly though, faces we find beautiful also tend to be healthier. Beautiful people tend to have great posture, balanced smiles, joints that work in harmony, the absence of facial pain, and their airway is usually wide and open.

Form follows function, and when our body works right, it often looks right. And with the regards to the face, a beautiful face is a stable face!

What We Do

At breathe; we focus intently on creating beautiful faces. If we can encourage and foster proper facial growth of the upper and lower jaws, we can ensure the face will be well balanced, the smile will be ideal, and the remaining structures are healthy and stable as well.

At any age, we can encourage facial growth by using dental orthopedic appliances to ensure growth occurs in all proper directions.

The Causes of Facial Deficiency

So what hinders this natural facial growth? That’s a great question. The most common cause is mouth breathing.

As a young child, nasal breathing can become difficult at times. Adenoids and tonsils are the most common cause of nasal obstruction but there are others. When we begin breathing through our mouth, our nasal passage and upper jaw begins to narrow and proper growth is stunted because the tongue doesn’t press into the palate where it normally should reside.

When the upper jaw changes in shape, the lower jaw grows to compensate and to keep the airway open. This creates a “long” facial profile, a less prominent chin, and a smaller mouth overall. This leads to extensive crowding, a smaller airway, and a less desirable facial appearance.

Far too many individuals today are suffering from sleep apnea and other breathing related sleep-disorders at an earlier age then ever before. And when the dental arches don’t fully form to their most forward extent, we have far more crowding!

To compensate for crowding, extractions are often recommended to make space in order to correct the misalignment. At breathe, we believe this makes the outcome even worse as the arches are now smaller than ideal, the tongue remains further back, and the airway gets even smaller.

What Can Be Done?

Facial growth and development! The ideal age to intervene is between the ages of 6-9. During these ages, the face is growing naturally and can be encouraged easily to grow to proper proportions. If you aren’t a child any longer, that’s okay too. Growth can be encouraged at any age! By combining functional growth appliances and orthodontics, anyone can reach their natural potential for facial growth and beauty.

And when we correct for growth, we see many benefits:

  • Teeth can be straightened quickly as space becomes abundant. Rarely do we need to extract teeth!
  • The airway grows larger which can prevent sleep apnea from developing and even cure it when it’s present.
  • The TMJ joints remain stable when the jaws are aligned properly.
  • Our posture improves as our head can remain directly over the shoulders. With insufficient development and mouth breathing, we typically develop forward head posture (to help open our airway) and this normally leads to neck pain and back pain.
  • We can avoid surgery to “break the jaw” in order to move it to proper position. We can encourage the facial bones to grow and correct this on its own, simply through orthopedic techniques and appliances.

If you’re suffering from any of the issues discussed, call and schedule a consult with Dr. Smith. In partnership with the Facial Beauty Institute, Dr. Smith will ensure you or your children reach their greatest potential and have a healthier more beautiful face (and smile) for life.

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