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Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics.  That’s what CEREC stands for. It’s a fancy way of saying “We can make ceramic restorations like crowns, veneers, and bridges, right here, right now, in one day.”

Why care about CEREC?

The Old Way

The standard way of creating a ceramic restoration goes like this: prep the tooth, make an impression using gel-like material, make the patient a temporary restoration, send the impression to the lab, bring the patient back two weeks later, remove the temporary restoration, and bond the final one. Total time: 

3 Hours & 2 Visits


With CEREC, the process is a bit different. It’s more like: prep the tooth, scan the tooth and mill the restoration, bond the restoration and dismiss the patient. Total time: 


2 Hours & 1 Visit

See the difference? 


Smile Makeover

 “Since I can remember, I haven’t been comfortable with my smile because of the condition of my teeth. But I can be me now, and I can look towards others like I feel on the inside.”

– Nanette

smile makeover
cathleen scaled

Why stop with one ceramic restoration? We didn’t. 

With more than one milling unit and the training and experience to do it, we create single restorations as well as full smile transformations in a single day.  

Sound impossible? Then we do the impossible every week. And we would love to do the same for you!




We have successfully helped patients with our CEREC since opening in 2016.

More reasons to smile. 

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CEREC Services

If ceramic is needed to improve a tooth or a smile, CEREC is likely the only solution you’ll need. 

posterior crown


The ability to make and bond a ceramic restoration like a crown in one visit means no more temporaries. We can then minimize the amount of tooth removed, and design the restoration to replace only what we have to. Less drilling, more tooth reamining, one visit.  

smile design veneer


Veneers are like crowns, just smaller and thinner. They don’t cover the whole tooth, just the part you see when you smile. And surprise… CEREC can makes amazing veneers! With the right input and training, the machine can do wonders.

Copy of Untitled


If you’re wanting to replace a tooth or a failing bridge, CEREC can do that too. If the bridge only involves three teeth, we can normally make it right here in our office as well.

CEREC is the most versatile machine in dentistry. 

Welcome to your home of confidence.


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