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Laser Dentistry

“We believe lasers are the new standard of care, and after you read more about their benefits, we’re confident you’ll agree. “

Why should you care about lasers?

We don’t add technology unless it adds one or more benefits to our patients. With lasers, like the Fotona Lightwalker Lasers that we use, we add several benefits in a variety of situations, all with one machine. 

But let us clarify a couple of things first. All lasers are not created equal.  The frequency of light that a laser emits makes all the difference.  With the Fotona Lightwalker, we can take advantage of several spectrums for the purpose of the procedure at hand.  Our laser units are incredible machines, and they offer amazing solutions in nearly every situation.  

Lightwalker laser


Advantages of lasers

The main advantages of Er:YAG and Nd:YAG lasers like the ones found in our Lightwalker units are:


Ability to vaporize hard and soft tissue with little to no heat buildup in the tissues. This reduces inflammation and discomfort.


The light from the lightwalker laser kills all bacteria within its focus. This allows us to remove infected tissues quickly and easily regardless of the procedure we’re doing. 

Reduced Inflammation

Reducing inflammation by laser therapy will reduce the level of discomfort normally felt after procedures such as extractions.

Faster Healing

Induces healing and blood flow to the areas of treatment. This shortens the duration of healing time for procedures such as implants. 

Procedures Offered

So what exactly do you use the laser for? 

In dentistry, we’ve gone all-in with lasers. Having a laser in each of our treatment rooms allow us to treat all situations with laser light when indicated.  Here’s a quick list of solutions our laser offers or supports: 

Removing Cavities

Removing cavities with lasers reduces the trauma to the tooth, disinfects the tooth as it works, and generally requires little to no anesthetic! That’s because the laser doesn’t generate friction like a regular hand-piece does at 200,000 rpm!

Bonding Restorations

By disinfecting and etching the tooth with the Erbium laser, we create a better bonding surface. And with the Neodymium laser therapy , we provide a 60% less chance of needing a root canal after a crown or a large restoration is placed.

Reduce Snoring

Nightlase is the name of our snoring treatment, which utilizes the warm heat of the laser to tighten the soft tissue of the palate and tongue, in order to eliminate or highly reduce your snoring! Check out more on our Nightlase page! 


Teeth Whitening

The best teeth whitening comes from Peroxides. And the best way to active peroxides is with heat. The laser is the only option to active peroxides without possibly overheating the tooth and causing extreme sensitivity.

Cleaning Sockets

A tooth is often extracted because of failure, many times associated with infection. There’s normally a great deal of bacteria and granulation tissue left in a socket after removal that hinders healing. Not anymore. Laser debridement ensures quicker healing and fewer complications.

Soft Tissue Trimming

Soft tissue removal in dentistry is normally accomplished with a diode laser (that burns) or a scalpel to cut it away. Neither sounds great, right? With the Lightwalker laser, we can remove tissue by vaporizing it, creating far less inflammation and therefore discomfort.

Implant Exposure

One of the more challenging procedures for dentists and therefore patients is uncovering implants that have healed below the gums. Exposing them without damaging the implant was always difficult until the Lightwalker changed the game.

Root Canals

The longevity of a root canal depends on all necrotic tissue being removed and the root system being properly disinfected. With the Lightwalker S.W.E.E.P.S mode, we use acoustic waves to clean out the roots leaving great longevity for your tooth.

Implant Healing

By using laser light therapy, we can induce quicker healing by improving vascularity and reducing inflammation after an implant is placed. Reducing inflammation always means reduced discomfort!

TMJ + Muscle Therapy

Using laser light therapy and the unique Genova handpiece with the laser, we can place a greater amount of laser light stimulation directly into the muscles and joint space, reducing discomfort and associated pain.

Cold Sores and Ulcers

Cold sores are caused by a virus, one that the Lightwalker quickly takes care of. After one treatment with the Lightwalker, you’ll see the cold sore begin to heal, and heal quickly. The laser also helps reduce pain of apthous uclers (canker sores) and helps them heal even faster.

Tongue-Tie Reduction

Tongue-tie reduction has never been easier, less traumatic, and less uncomfortable than now. By vaporizing the soft tissue and using laser light stimulation on the altered site, the healing process has never been faster and the procedure itself never as quick and efficient.


“The lightwalker laser allows us to put down the drill and the scalpel for something better, and to offer you a more comfortable procedure with quicker healing than ever before.”


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