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Controlled Arch Orthodontics

Aren’t all wire and bracket systems the same? Easy answer is no. And we’d like to show you why Controlled Arch Orthodontics is the only way forward, literally! 


Orthodontics began and continues to be accomplished in large part by brackets and wires.

Though clear aligners are a growing part of treatment options now, brackets and wires are still considered the “gold standard” of treatment because of their ability to move teeth more precisely than clear aligners. Standard Orthodontic systems vary in bracket style and types of wires. One thing they all are great at is retraction, or pulling teeth towards the molars and tightly together. The one thing they don’t do very well is “protract”, or move teeth “forward” in the face. But this poses a problem… If all one can you do is pull teeth backwards, what do you do when you need more space to solve a crowded arch? You typically have to extract teeth, which can have many unwanted consequences for your bite, your TMJ, and your facial profile.

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“Standard” Ortho Systems

With standard orthodontic systems, the wires and brackets are used to move teeth in whatever direction needed until they are aligned. Once they are, they are pulled together tightly. This works really well, unless you have a significant amount of crowding and no space to align them all. And our back teeth, with larger roots, will pull teeth backwards when chained together. More on that below. 

Controlled Arch Orthodontics 

Controlled Arch Orthodontics was designed to overcome the challenges that standard systems fight. The ability to move teeth forward, instead of backwards solves many challenges, such as the common need for extractions which can flatten the facial profile.  It also ensures that the TMJ is in good position, and the jaws are aligned in a way that doesn’t create muscle pain from balancing “a bad bite”.



Midface deficiency may be best described as “undersized and mal-aligned jaws”. Why would they not grow properly in size and orientation? Well, there are three main causes:


No extractions

When the arch doesn’t develop large enough for all of your teeth, standard systems have little way of helping. That’s why so many end up having extractions! Controlled Arch Orthodontics allows us to actually develop arch space so extractions become avoidable! Keep your teeth, they’re supposed to be there! 

Balanced Bit

A balanced bite

Believe it or not, you can have straight teeth and still have a “bad bite”. Even when the teeth are aligned, the jaws and muscles may have to work too hard to keep them together. This lack of harmony is what we refer to as a “bad bite”. You may still have pain, TMD, and headaches. Let’s avoid it!

Avoid TMD

Avoid TMD

TMD, or Temporal Mandibular Disease refers to conditions of the joint that are unwanted. Degenerative joint change, dislocation of the TMJ discs, and ear pain can all come from poorly aligned bites, even when the teeth have been straightened. Controlled Arch Orthodontics can prevent this!

More reasons to smile. 

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Arch Control


Retraction can result in the need for extractions, resulting in a flatter facial profile, weaker chin, smaller airway, and an increase in muscle activity to maintain the lower jaw in a retruded position which may result in headaches, migraines, and neck pain.


Protraction can eliminate the need for extractions. By moving the arch forward, space can be made to accommodate all of the teeth. This results in a fuller facial profile, a better lower jaw position, a proper bite, and a larger airway and improved breathing.

Our teeth don’t develop on their own.

Our teeth don’t develop on their own. They develop along with our chin, jaw, skull, cheeks, and more. This combined development means that people who have crooked or crowded teeth often find they are also unhappy with the appearance of other facial features. With Controlled Arch orthodontics, we can utilize the shared development pathways to straighten your teeth and influence the size, shape, and configuration of some facial features at the same time. Controlled Arch orthodontics can also achieve some important functional changes, too, improving symptoms of TMJ and sleep apnea. Plus, because Controlled Arch braces are based on the most recent science available, they can achieve results 30% faster than traditional dentures.

Meet the Team

Jordon Caine Smith, DDS

What can I expect after treatment?


A Broad & Straight Smile

Avoidance of Extractions

Improved Facial Balance 

Improved Breathing

Increased Stability

We got Answers!

Here’s what we’ve seen individuals ask the most often:

Who is Controlled Arch Orthodontics best for?

Controlled Arch braces works well for teens, but it’s also suitable for adults who didn’t get orthodontics as teens, are unhappy with their orthodontic results, or saw their results lapse.option.

How can this approach work 30% faster?

Controlled Arch Orthodontics works WITH the natural function and direction of facial development. That means we work with the body instead of fighting it. And with a few more additions to the orthodontic system, we control tooth movement more precisely. This keeps unwanted rebound of teeth movements from occurring in unwanted areas. Those two benefits can make a drastic difference in the time it takes to correct crowding!

How Does Controlled Arch Orthodontics work?

Controlled Arch Orthodontics is based on the understanding that it’s partly the action of muscles in the mouth that stimulate the growth and movement of the teeth and jaws. We know that crowded teeth are related at least in part to our softer diet, which means we don’t chew as much as our ancestors did (early humans spent about half their waking hours chewing). Therefore, Controlled Arch Orthodontics are designed to emulate the natural forces of the tongue, cheek, and jaw muscles. This creates a more efficient movement path and one that is designed not just to move the teeth, but to stimulate the development of other tissues around the teeth.

How are braces, TMJ, and our airway related?

Crooked, crowded teeth aren’t just a cosmetic problem. They relate to the function of your mouth and jaw. That’s why crooked teeth are often linked to temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ). Your jaw also controls the size and shape of your airway. By expanding the jaw, we can reshape the airway, making it easier to breathe at night, which can reduce the severity of sleep apnea.

Can Controlled Arch Orthodontics help me avoid surgery?

When a patient needs a jaw discrepancy corrected and surgery is discussed, they often need more than just orthodontics to correct the problem.  Though Controlled Arch Orthodontics can help correct minor/moderate jaw discrepancies, more help may be needed. But that’s okay! That’s when Developmental Orthodontics becomes the key! With Developmental Orthopedic Appliances and Controlled Arch Orthodontics together, MOST people can avoid surgery and have the problem corrected more naturally! 

What's the difference between this and clear aligner treatment?

Clear aligner therapy can only tip or slightly rotate relatively straight teeth, think small cosmetic movements. As for our Controlled Arch  Orthodontics, we are able to bodily move teeth and get them into their best position for long term stability, root, and all! This approach is used to help correct the bite as well. Just because teeth are straight, doesn’t mean they are in a healthy position for long term function and health! 

Am I too old for this way of treatment?

You are never too old for Controlled Arch Orthodontics! This system works great from teenagers to older adults! Results are still achieved, no matter what age we’re working with! 

I'm really interested in this, what's the first step?

Great! The first step is to give us a call and set-up an initial consultation so we can discuss your wants and needs. Give us a call at 918-393-0070 or email us at theteam@breathedentistry.com

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