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It’s common for past dental experiences to create anxiety. Even when you might feel it’s silly to be anxious, you can’t help but feel it. So we offer several options to improve our experience no matter what level of anxiety you might bring along from your past.


Options for sedation



Nitrous Sedation

Nitrous sedation is the most commonly used anxiolytic in dentistry. It begins to work quickly and wears off just as fast, allowing patients to drive home safely on their own. The colorless and odorless gas reduces the feeling of discomfort and reduces anxiety; the two most common worries patients have. Inexpensive and safe for most individuals, nitrous is a great option if you’re experiencing mild anxiety. 

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Oral Sedation

If nitrous sedation isn’t enough to reduce your anxiety, oral sedation is another option.  If you are a candidate in good health, oral sedatives can do a wonderful job to lower mild-moderate anxiety. Though you will need someone to bring you to the appointment and take you home, it’s a wonderful option to help you feel less anxious, more relaxed, and ensures your visit goes smoothly if you’re highly worried. 


IV Sedation

IV sedation is a great option if you want to essentially be “asleep” for your care. If you have high anxiety and can’t imagine enduring a procedure of any kind, IV sedation may be the choice for you. By working with a highly-qualified group to assist us in the sedation, you can be sure to be in good hands. You can go to sleep, wake up, and be done with your appointment. 

What our Patients are saying!

Your reviews make our day, literally. We read the new ones every morning and celebrate. And if you haven’t been with us yet, feel free to read what others have said and why we celebrate so often!

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“Modern dentistry is the understatement. If it’s new and it’s better they are already using it. Dr. J is the best. His staff is wonderful, uplifting and God-loving.
I am happy I found a first-class service for something so important to my health. 6 Stars!”

Johnny Graham


Breathe Modern Dentistry changed everything I’ve known about dentistry. Dr Smith is awesome and explains every thing in the most understandable way. The staff, every single one of them, are positive, friendly, encouraging and fun!!

Ma Norvell


By setting the standard of what your dental experience should be, Breathe Modern Dentistry is easily top tier in the region. If you truly care about you and your family’s health, do not settle for any other practice. Call them today after you read their reviews.

Rizzero Woods


“Dr. Smith and his team are incredibly kind, caring, and fun! I live in Tulsa but make the short drive to downtown Broken Arrow just for their service. I highly recommend them for all your dentistry and cosmetic needs.”

Amber Neville


Comfy Amenities

“I always say if the house I live in is comfortable, and I have all the amenities I need, then what more can you ask for?”

– Ray Allen


Massage Chair

Heated and Message dental chairs! If you’re going to be in one, might as well be the best one.

Warm Blanket

Heated chair not enough? How about a freshly washed blanket rolled and ready for you. 

Netflix & Mill

Having a crown made or wanting a distraction from the work? What’s your favorite show? Let’s que it up!  

Headphones & Music

Soothing ocean? Maybe a rainstorm? Or if country music is your thing we got you covered.

Drinks & Joe

Have your pick from Fiji water to a warm cup of starbucks coffee. ICE drinks, and more… the fridge is stacked. 

Scented Towels

Scented towels are always ready after the procedure to help freshen you up before you go.

Welcome to your home of confidence.


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