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Ready for better sleep? We have several options to suit just you. Review our modern services to see how we can help you breathe easier and sleep better. You won’t find options like these in most offices, this is the cutting edge. 



NightLase® Laser Snoring Therapy is a non-invasive and non-surgical procedure that uses a laser to tighten and shrink the uvula, soft palate, and surrounding tissues, thereby reducing or eliminating snoring. The muscles of the airway become firmer and are less prone to collapse, all thanks to laser light and a few simple appointments.

Sleep Appliances

One of the easiest ways to help you sleep better is to open your airway by positioning your lower jaw foward, which also brings your tongue foward and opens the airway behind it, where it’s normally the most constricted.  We offer the best sleep appliance made in our opinion, check out why and how it works by clicking the link below!

sleep appliances
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Developmental Orthodontics

Most are surprised to learn that airway constrictions are most often caused by recessed jaws or jaw that didn’t develop to their fullest potential and position. This can lead to sleep-related breathing disorders in children and adults. For some, addressing the true reason behind the airway constriction can lead to a life of better breathing. 

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