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Snoring ruins sleep.

It’s often a sign of sleep-related breathing disorders too. With the simple power of laser light, we can help both.


Airway section

The problem

Did you know that the soft palate becomes longer over time?

The muscles and fascia of the tongue also can become laxed as we age, so it falls into the airway more easily. But did you know, aside from snoring and it’s unwanted effects, this can lead to a smaller airway? The soft palate and the tongue directly impact the size of your airway and can result in poor breathing, less oxygen for the body, and further stress on the brain, heart, and body.

Dr H Snoring Before After Cropped

Amazing results!

So how do you know if it’s working? For snoring, simple apps for your phone can monitor the changes occurring so we know that the treatment is working. It’s nice to hear the spouse tell us it’s working, but it’s better to have solid data. Along with sleep studies when needed and CBCT imaging, we can be sure to see results. But none the less, you’ll feel the difference, we guarantee it.

What to expect

After three easy 20 minute procedures, you’ll be set. As the body responds, the tissue below the tongue, behind the tongue, and the soft palate continue to tighten and reduce the effects you began with. See the treatment in action below.

That’s it, nothing more. Easy isn’t it?  

nightlase before and after 1

Watch the video below for a great explanation of how Nightlase works!

Gordon’s Story

“I tried Nightlase to reduce my snoring. It definitely worked, but it also helped my blood pressure! It had been running high for almost a year, and after Nightlase, it’s gone back to normal ranges on its own. Apparently, I wasn’t breathing as well as I thought at night. I can’t believe how easy it was and how much it’s helped. I’m sleeping better than ever and my wife is now too!

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