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Smile with Confidence

Confidence is the driving force behind everything you do, both great and small. We understand the vital role a smile plays in having that determination and certainty. That is why we are more than just a dental office. We are the home of confidence.


“Confidence sparks innovation, and when that combines with passion incredible things can happen. So our passion is to innovate so that you smile, inspire, and offer the world the best version of you.”





We want to be the home of hope for anyone seeking confidence in their smile.


To improve the standards of the “dental experience” by renewing your expectations for care.


All of our values rest on love. Without love, all other values are worthless and fleeting.


To feed the hungry, to serve those in need, to help our patient community.

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A look at our home.

Our office to us is a home, a home we want to welcome you to. We know that clinics don’t normally feel comfortable or inviting like someone’s home might actually feel. So we just went for it, and created an office that strays from the pack. Then we went and filled it with more devices and technological solutions than you can shake a toothbrush at.

“it perfectly frames the kind of care and service you can expect from a team who really wants to know you.”


Comfy Amenities

“I always say if the house I live in is comfortable, and I have all the amenities I need, then what more can you ask for?”

– Ray Allen


Massage Chair

Heated and Message dental chairs! If you’re going to be in one, might as well be the best one.

Warm Blanket

Heated chair not enough? How about a freshly washed blanket rolled and ready for you.

Netflix & Mill

Having a crown made or wanting a distraction from the work? What’s your favorite show? Let’s que it up!

Headphones & Music

Soothing ocean? Maybe a rainstorm? Or if country music is your thing we got you covered.

Drinks & Joe

Have your pick from Fiji water to a warm cup of starbucks coffee. ICE drinks, and more… the fridge is stacked.

Scented Towels

Scented towels are always ready after the procedure to help freshen you up before you go.

Looking for facial esthetics?

Respire 1

Smile Tech

We don’t add technology unless it makes your visit more comfortable, predictable, or efficient. That being said… we have A LOT of amazing tech. Want to see what modern dentistry looks like?
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If there’s a concern that porcelain is the answer for, we can solve it using CEREC. Same day dentistry has never looked so good.
Laser@0.75x 1


The variety of solutions our Fotona Lightwalker lasers can offer you are unmatched. Whatever your concern might be, the lasers can help.
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3D Printing

Having the ability to 3D print materials allows us to offer new solutions for patients and safer procedures in record time.
Since opening in 2016, we have successfully helped patients with:




Enhancing smiles since 2016!


What our Patients are saying!

Your reviews make our day, literally. We read the new ones every morning and celebrate. And if you haven’t been with us yet, feel free to read what others have said and why we celebrate so often!

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“Modern dentistry is the understatement. If it’s new and it’s better they are already using it. Dr. J is the best. His staff is wonderful, uplifting and God-loving.
I am happy I found a first-class service for something so important to my health. 6 Stars!”
Johnny Graham


“Breathe Modern Dentistry changed everything I’ve known about dentistry. Dr Smith is awesome and explains every thing in the most understandable way. The staff, every single one of them, are positive, friendly, encouraging and fun!!”
Ma Norvell


“By setting the standard of what your dental experience should be, Breathe Modern Dentistry is easily top tier in the region. If you truly care about you and your family’s health, do not settle for any other practice. Call them today after you read their reviews.”
Rizzero Woods


“Dr. Smith and his team are incredibly kind, caring, and fun! I live in Tulsa but make the short drive to downtown Broken Arrow just for their service. I highly recommend them for all your dentistry and cosmetic needs.”
Amber Neville


Welcome to your home of confidence.


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