Clear Braces

Refined Orthodontics clear aligner therapy allows us to straighten your teeth quickly and easily while maintaining their natural appearance.

A New Option is Here

What if you want to straighten your teeth with clear aligners? Would you pay for Invisalign to straighten a couple of teeth that relapsed overtime? Online options have become popular, because it solved a problem many of us have. They solve easy cases for less cost. But are you getting piece of mind with the plastic they send? Thanks to modern technology, we now offer you something better. All the advantages of online options with the advantages of doctor oversight. Sound too good? Read on!


What are you really getting?

Online orthodontic companies say you get the same outcome as going to a dentist. But who’s making sure the case is going right, that the outcome is truly achieved, that the aligners fit?…


online 1


traditional 2


refined 3

Online Companies

Online companies have you take the impression which i’m sure you’re a pro at right? If the impression isn’t great, the aligners won’t be either. If the aligners don’t truly fit, your teeth don’t “track” along with them, and you don’t get what you expected… what then? Will they redo the case? Will you wait another month for new ones? Sure, it costs less. But for a reason.



Traditional aligners came from dental offices with companies like Invisalign and ClearCorrect. You can be sure that you’ll get the outcome you want eventually. But it does take more time, and the lab costs from these companies are passed on to you, meaning it’s more of an investment than online options. But at least these options are designed for more extensive cases.


In comes Refined. We believe clear aligners are best used for easy-moderate cases. And with the addition of software and 3D printing, we can now skip the lab fees of the “big guys” and save you time and money by designing and fabricating your aligners in the office! Now you can start your case in a week, not a month. And if something doesn’t go right, the doctor can resolve it in days!

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How easy is it?

Easier than online options. You can start your case in a week.


1. Consult

Ensure you’ll get what you’re imagining. Know if clear aligners will work for what you need. If aligners aren’t a good fit for you, wouldn’t you want to know that before you start?


2. Scan Teeth

With a quick scan of your teeth, we’ll have models that we can use to design your case digitally. Knowing what you want helps the doctor design your case perfectly.


3. Deliver

With 3D printing, we can easily make your aligners on models designed to get you from A-Z. We’ll monitor progress once a month too!


4. Smile.

You’re done. Your smile is just what you wanted, easy as that. Wasn’t that a better way to do it?


There are several more advantages to Refined Orthodontics.



Ready to go? It won’t take long! Since we design the cases using software we control, we don’t rely on a 3rd party to help design your outcome. With 3D printers on hand here, we can finish your design and make your aligners in a week. How’s that for quick? Get started faster, finish even quicker without all the holdups.


Quicker Refinements

What happens when a tooth doesn’t follow along? We normally need a “refinement”.  That’s when your teeth are scanned again, a new plan is created, aligners made, and now we’re back. With online options and traditional dental services like Invisalign, the process can take up to a month! Here, it normally takes less than a week!



Online options no longer offer the best costs. They say they cut out the expensive dental office visits, but the largest cost for a dental office solution is normally the lab fee from the actual company that offers the product itself. With Refined, we don’t work with another company. You can guess what that means. A better cost for you than ever before.

Doctor oversight

Doctor Oversight

With online options, you don’t get a lot of oversight. They design your case, but who’s making sure it’s actually progressing properly? What happens if it’s not, and who do you talk to about problems? At Breathe Modern Dentistry, a doctor is always managing your case, tracking your monthly progress, and ensuring the outcome designed is the outcome you’ll get.


Support is Local

With a team and a doctor nearby, you’ll always have the support you need.  Lost aligner? Something not looking right? You don’t have to call a 1-800 number to get help. Just call the office, we’ll be glad to help you out.

Perfect fit

A Perfect Fit

Many online options send you the material to take an impression of your teeth. And we all know that you’ve done that before right? No? With a 3D scanner, we’ll make a perfect copy of your teeth so your aligners fit perfectly and achieve the outcome you want. Bad impressions equal lost time or poor fitting aligners. Let’s not let that happen.


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