Beautiful Smiles

Breathe Modern Dentistry offers patients a chance to update their smile with a smile makeover.

Orthodontic Solutions

What are you looking to do exactly? We have to ask because not all solutions are the same. From alignment of one tooth to correction of the midface, bite, and TMJ… options vary along with your desires. Want to know more about them? Let’s dive in.

Developmental Orthodontics

The most common cause of crowded teeth is actually smaller jaws. It’s referred to as a “mid-face” deficiency. When the smile is all that’s addressed, greater efforts must be made to overcome the jaw deficiency. Developmental Orthodontics avoids those efforts (like extractions) and corrects the deficiency so the bite, TMJ, muscles, and smile are all in harmony when you’re finished!

Controlled Arch Orthodontics

Full mouth braces are still regarded as the benchmark when it comes to achieving straight teeth and the perfect bite. For most, the major downside of this therapy is and has always been the time it often takes to achieve the desired outcome. With Controlled Arch Orthodontics, we can do more than straighten teeth and 30% faster than traditional ortho methods!

Refined Orthodontics

Want to just straighten a few teeth? You don’t need your bite adjusted, just those teeth that stand out in photos. Do you seek online options to save time and money? Do you pay the cost for options such as Invisalign?

You don’t have to anymore. Custom designed and printed in office aligners now made here for the simple needs.


Are You Ready for Orthodontics?

If you’re ready for a orthodontics, call us now to schedule your consultation. We look forward to hearing from you and talking about your options for treatment.

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